Cold Sores Begone

“This is a great product! It always works, plus it works really fast. Five-ten minutes after applying it to a canker sore, the pain disappears. I highly recommend this.”
Heather, Amherst, MA

Canker Sores Begone

“I tried all kinds of products that claimed to help canker sores. Then I tried Canker Sores Begone™. Instead of the usual two weeks—gone in 2–3 days.”
Holly Buchwald, Los Alamitos, CA

Cold Sores Begone Testimonials

“I live in Hawaii, a place where many people suffer from cold sore outbreaks simply because they forgot sunscreen and got a bit of a burn. Many families swear by this product here. I can say that I have tried Abreva and others, but nothing has ‘zapped’ them as well as this product!”

“Thanks, the product is amazing. Haven’t had one since I got my hands on it! This stuff should be everywhere!”
J. Brown

“I’m a cosmetic tattoo technician, and do many permanent lip liner and permanent lip color procedures. The irritation and discomfort can cause a cold sore for those prone to them, which in turn, can scar and cause an aberration of the color where the cold sore breaks out. I do my own lips as well. I dislike taking the anti-viral meds for the week prior to doing my lips, so I took a chance and used Cold Sores Begone the morning I was to do my lips, afterwards, and several times a day each day after until my lip healed from the procedure. No cold sore. In years past when I didn’t take an anti-viral, I would get a cold sore. It’s a non-toxic, topical herbal remedy which also has prevented cold sores when I’m under stress. I now recommend it to my clients as an option to taking the anti-viral med, and those who have used it have not developed a cold sore due to the procedure. I’m really thrilled with it.”
Kay Riley, Phoenix, AZ

“I’m almost 40, and I have been suffering all my life with consistent outbreak of cold sores. I have both Abbriva & Cold Sore Begone. I can say, from my experience, that Cold Sore Begone works like magic. I’ve used Abbriva a few times when I can’t find Cold Sore Begone. Abbriva is clearly not as effective as Cold Sores Begone. Cold Sores Begone is the best thing. Take it from people who actually suffered Cold Sore. There are millions of people like me. I want to tell you guys… please give it a try. This stuff is heaven sent.”

“I have suffered from cold sores for over 35 years. This product works great for me. I put it on at the first sign of a cold sore (tingling and small bump) and I have not had a cold sore in the 2 years that I have been using this product. I have tried everything imaginable in the past (over the counter, prescription and natural health products). I always carry it with me.”

“I’m not a doctor or a dentist. I’m only a guy who’s had terrible cold sores since he was young. I was referred to this product by someone at work, and I couldn’t be happier. It will often prevent outbreaks completely, but 100% of the time it reduces the severity and length of any outbreaks I do get. One bottle will last a long time (2 years for me), and in these 2 years I’ve had nothing but PROVEN results. I’ve heard Abreva does good things too, but don’t discount Cold Sores Begone. It’s a much cheaper and longer lasting solution.”

“You can see photos of me as a 2 year old with my chin covered with cold sores. I have been on constant look out my whole life for new treatments. This product is the BEST I have ever found!”
Jennifer Peterson, Maplewood, MN

“A customer became very upset with me because we had run out. It really worked for her and was worried about getting a cold sore before the new shipment arrived.”
Tom Anderson, Owner, Nutrition Mart, Lake Forest, CA

“I get herpes outbreaks on my cheek, which are painful, swollen bumps that do not heal for 2-3 weeks. [A prescription drug] reduces the severity and duration to 7-10 days. I tried Cold Sores Begone and felt immediate relief. In three days, no sign of anything. Bless you!!”
Cheri Gant, Las Vegas Nevada

“I have had very positive comments about your Cold Sores Begone product. All my patients who have tried it tell me how well it works.”
Dr. Renee M. Davidson, D.C., Los Angeles, CA

“This is a miracle product.”
Bruce Reynolds, Travelers Rest, SC

“Your cold sore formula works. I rarely get cold sores but was getting one, used this stuff, and the sore never opened.”
Rob Standridge, R.Ph., Cyber Pharmacy

“I have tried everything, including prescription drugs. Nothing comes close to Cold Sores Begone. It is simply the best remedy on the market.”
Zane Cooksey, Brooks, KY

Canker Sores Begone Testimonials

“Thank you so much for this product. I can honestly say that it has changed my life and that of my grandson James.”
Wayne Dean, Ontario, Canada

“We apply it on the gum area of treatment to prevent a canker sore from developing later. Patients tell us it works.”
Betty Flores, Office of Morel Fidler, DDS, Los Angeles, CA

“Since I was a kid, I’ve had canker sores up to seven at a time. Your remedy really does work. Thank you so much.”
Jan Briggs, Westland, MI

“It keeps the cold sores from coming. I totally swear by this product! Would pay mega $$ if I had to.”
K. Ericson, TX

“My four year old daughter gets canker sores. The pain makes her cry, especially when she tries to eat or drink. A mother in our carpool recommended Canker Sores Begone Stick and it's been a lifesaver. Instead of taking 2 weeks to heal, it's normally gone within a couple of days. She loves the taste and says it doesn't sting.”

L. Williams, Woodland Hills, CA

“I developed breast cancer shortly after my husband was diagnosed with lymphoma. Chemo and radiation treatments were causing both of us painful mouth sores. We tried some recommendations from our oncologist but nothing was very helpful. One of the patients at the doctorʼs office told us she was happy with Canker Sores Begone. We found it at Whole Foods Market and it worked like nothing else. We were both very pleased how fast they healed.”
Merle Sidman, Los Angeles, CA