Our Story

Over 25 years ago, Robin Barr had reached the last straw. A chronic cold sore sufferer, her outbreaks were becoming more frequent and severe due to job stress.At that time, it was more than the embarrassment of looking hideous for two weeks.  It was the fear of calling in sick to an abusive boss when an impending cold sore infection started with flu symptoms, only to dissipate hours later, replaced with a swollen cold sore on her lips.

Robin set out to create some kind of natural solution she could use that might help in any way and to any degree.  Something! Anything!

After weeksRobin Barr, creator and founder of Sores BeGONE of research, and the first batch made in her kitchen, Robin’s topical remedy achieved more than she could have ever dreamed. When applied to the area where the early warning symptom occurred, the cold sore seemed to change its mind before it appeared. Family and friends achieved the same results. 

Remember the abusive boss?  Robin eventually lost her job.  Instead of trying to find another one, there was an inexplicable, subtle quality guiding her to start a business and sell her remedy. She named her remedy Cold Sores BeGONE™ in memory of her close friend who had just passed.  He was a pewter wizard collector, and why the brand’s icon is and always will be a wizard.

Cold Sores BeGONE was officially launched in 1994 and started appearing in health food stores and online.  Two years later, Canker Sores BeGONE™ was introduced for the painful ulcerations that appear inside the mouth.  The remedy doesn’t prevent them,  but as if by magic, they disappear quicker than you can imagine.

What started as a personal solution for herself years ago, are now two all natural, organic solutions trusted and relied on today by people of all ages across the U.S.

A personal takeaway.  If you find yourself with a monstrous boss or in fearful circumstances, realize that you are in position by all that is good for a better life. Expect that.