I was a chronic cold sufferer since I was 15, now 71. Once triggered by stress, fatigue, illness or too much sun exposure, they appear on the lips and in the nose area. 

While in my 40's, working in my kitchen, I blended natural ingredients known for help with viral infections, creating what is now Cold Sores Begone Stick.  What I, friends and family found, that rather than treat an already existing cold sore, it prevented it when applied at the first symptom (tingle, numb, itch).  I occasionally awoke with a cold sore. By routinely applying it every night before bed, it never happened again.

Soon after came Canker Sores Begone Stick, for the painful sores that suddenly appear inside the mouth (gums, tongue, inside lips or cheeks).  The balm stick applied to one’s finger tip, then to the sore, resolved it from overnight to 2-3 days.

Both sold in health food stores (such as Sprouts, Mother’s Market, Amazon and my site, soresbegone.com ($12.99, free shipping).