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Cold Sores BeGONE Stick™ TWIN PACK

Cold Sores BeGONE Stick™ TWIN PACK

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About the BeGONE Stick

Used a lot of products that haven't worked? That ends right here, right now! You know you’ll be getting a cold sore again, probably at the worst time! Order right now so you won’t be crushed with embarrassment later.

  • Prevents the cold sore from surfacing by applying at the ‘tingle’
  • No more protruding, disfiguring, embarrassing eruptions
  • No more panic and dread when you feel the ‘tingle’
  • Safe for adults and children of all ages
How does the BeGONE Stick work?

Cold Sores Begone Stick™ contains herbs known for their anti-viral properties. You’ll be relieved when you notice the cold sore doesn’t materialize when you apply the remedy at the early warning symptom. That’s why we recommend having the remedy with you at all times.

  • If the tingling continues after a minute or two, re-apply. Repeat as necessary.
  • If you’re prone to waking up with a new cold sore, apply Cold Sores Begone Stick each night at bedtime.
  • Some cold sore sufferers never notice the early warning. No problem. Simply apply every day.

*Coconut Oil, *Beeswax, Lemon Balm, L-Lysine, Grapefruit Seed Extract, *Echinacea, *Chaparral Extract, *Goldenseal, *Essential Oil of Peppermint, *Eucalyptus Essential Oil

*Certified Organic Ingredients


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