When Your Baby or Toddler Gets a Cold Sore or Canker Sore

When Your Baby or Toddler Gets a Cold Sore or Canker Sore

Canker sores, also called mouth ulcers, appear inside the mouth; cold sores, on outer lips, nose, chin, cheeks. It’s quite common for babies and young children to have one type of sore or the other, but also, to have both at the same time because the triggers are the same: stress/fussiness, over-tired, some kind of irritation in or around the mouth (teething, injury, dental procedure), a temporarily impaired immune system due to cold or flu, and too much sun exposure can cause a cold sore.

Enviable perks of babyhood are freedom of worry about how to make the mortgage payment and a complete lack of embarrassment having a cold sore. As adorable as this baby is with or without the sores, she is fully capable of transmitting the cold sore virus to a sumo wrestler or anyone through a kiss, or sharing eating/drinking utensils, even a spray of saliva, so take precautions to not let that happen. And don’t re-use a towel, bib or washcloth used to clean the mouth area without laundering it first. Don’t re-use a napkin or paper towel used for that purpose at all. Be absolutely vigilant to stay away from the baby’s eye area with anything that isn’t completely clean (hands, washcloth, etc) if the baby – or you – has a cold sore.

Cold Sores BeGONE Stick™ is an all-natural balm to apply as soon as the first sign of a cold sore appears for a baby, toddler or very young child. It should heal within one to three days. If you feel more comfortable to wipe off the top of the stick with a napkin or skim the thinnest layer off the top with a knife between applications or infections, do that. Once your child is old enough to recognize the first symptom, a tingle, itch or numb sensation, the stick should be applied then, which will abort the infection before it has a chance to form and surface. It works this way to prevent a cold sore for everyone, regardless of age.

There’s no early warning symptom of a canker sore inside the lips, on the tongue, gums or elsewhere, just its sudden appearance which often causes terrible pain when eating or drinking, or even if not, just as it does for adults. We want to get rid of that troublemaker immediately. That’s where Canker Sores BeGONE Stick™ is important. Similar to Cold Sores BeGONE, it's a balm stick. The consistency of the canker stick is much softer for easier spreadability inside the wet environment of the mouth. It won’t sting like over-the-counter remedies. No, you don’t put the entire stick inside the mouth! You use your fingertip to swipe off a small amount, dry the canker sore with a small piece of paper towel if you need to, and plop the remedy on. If it doesn’t adhere because of saliva, go back, dry it again and be a little faster to apply. That canker sore should be gone within a day or two.

Although you could share the sticks with your baby, be sure to take the extra precaution and thinly skim off the top layer of the stick between applications. A better alternative idea is to order additional sticks for the family from our website, or specialty stores like Sprouts Farmers Market that carry both products. Health food stores will often bring it in for you if you ask. If ordering direct from our site, it ships FREE and immediately.

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